Deck-Top is Your Solution to the COVID-19 Lumber Shortage

About the COVID-19 Lumber Shortage

Increased nationwide lumber shortages have been an unexpected side effect in the American economy since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic. With the subsequent skyrocketing prices of lumber due to short supply and high demand, Deck-Top is positioned as an ideal alternative to replacing or refacing your deck or dock. Read on for more information on how Deck-Top can help you save money during the COVID-19 Lumber Shortage.

Reasons for the Current COVID-19 Lumber Shortage:

  1. Lumber mills in the US and Canada have undergone major cutbacks in production over concerns of a worsening economy, and the health and safety of mill employees has also been a contributing factor to these cutbacks.
  2. Substantial increases in do-it-yourself projects from those under quarantine has created an unanticipated increase in demand for construction materials and this in turn has caused a strain on supply chains.

Supply vs. Demand

The current shortage of lumber, in conjunction with an increase in do-it-yourself projects/construction projects in the residential & commercial sectors, has caused prices for construction materials to skyrocket. With decking season in full swing, this increase in material cost has become a prohibitive force to contend with when building or renovating your pre-existing deck.

How Can Deck-Top Help Save You Money During the COVID-19 Lumber Shortage?

Deck-Top's unique ability to cover, beautify, and protect pre-existing docks and decking structures means that you can avoid replacing wooden boards that are cosmetically deficient, but still structurally sound. This can save you considerable time, cost, and effort when renovating or improving your deck or dock during the COVID-19 Lumber Shortage.

Deck-Top is extremely cost-effective when compared to lumber prices under normal circumstances, and this cost-effectiveness is amplified exponentially during today's lumber shortages and price increases in construction materials. Deck-Top can be applied to any deck or dock that is structurally sound, and it will protect and beautify your investment for years to come.

What are you Waiting For?

Deck-Top is available in a variety of lengths and colors, extremely easy to install, very low-maintenance, and can even save you a lot of money at the same time. Shop Now and see why Deck-Top is your best solution to the COVID-19 Lumber Shortage.