What is Deck-Top made of?

Deck-Top is made of PVC and shaped into a plank-like cover that caps onto your existing deck/dock’s wood or composite boards. It is resistant to stains, cracks, splits, and rot, making it easy to clean and requiring very little maintenance. Deck-Top’s PVC surface also maintains a cool-to-the-touch temperature that is between 30-50 degrees cooler when compared to similar decking products.

How do I install Deck-Top?

Check out this installation video for useful tips and techniques:

Also, be sure to download our official Deck-Top Installation Instructions HERE

Where can Deck-Top be installed?

Deck-Top can be applied anywhere you have a deck or dock with 5/4” x 6” or 2” x 6” sized wood or composite boards. It can be used both on and off the water and it’s perfect for decks, docks, walkways, and stairs. Deck-Top is an excellent, long-lasting decking solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Why is Deck-Top a better alternative to a traditional uncovered deck?

Deck-Top dramatically extends the life of 2” x 6” or 5/4” x 6” flooring, thereby protecting your deck/dock investment. It easily caps onto your current structure to protect and beautify your deck for years to come. Deck-Top is a better alternative to traditional uncovered decks because it combines the strength of your current decking structure with the durability and benefits of PVC. Installing Deck-Top eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive routine maintenance such as staining, painting, sanding, or replacing boards. Aside from its money-saving qualities, there are multiple other benefits to installing Deck-Top such as its cool-to-the-touch surface and its built-in tread pattern to help prevent slips and falls. Also, unlike uncovered wood or composite, Deck-Top is resistant to stains, cracks, splits, rot, and damage-causing UV rays.

Can Deck-Top's surface help prevent slips and falls?

The answer is yes! Deck-Top comes in a variety of tread patterns that help to create a slip-resistant surface that's safer to walk on when compared to smoother wood and composite surfaces. In fact, we had an independent agency conduct a study on the slip-resistance qualities of Deck-Top and the results were overwhelmingly positive. The testing method utilized the standard procedure for measuring surface frictional properties using the British Pendulum Skid Resistance Tester. The British Pendulum Tester is a dynamic pendulum impact-type tester used to measure the energy loss when a rubber slider edge is propelled over a test surface. Both the woodgrain and crosshatched patterns of Deck-Top received "Excellent" ratings from the independent testing agency. Read further by clicking the links to the testing report documents listed below:

Do I need an existing deck or dock to use Deck-Top?

Yes, Deck-Top must be used in conjunction with an existing deck or dock. Deck-Top is a plank-like, PVC cover that is designed to cap onto your existing deck or dock’s 5/4” x 6” or 2” x 6” decking boards. It works universally with wooden and composite decking; however, Deck-Top is not intended to be used as flooring alone without a pre-existing structure.

Does Deck-Top only work on wooden decks/docks?

No, Deck-Top was designed to universally work with wooden and composite decking. It is designed to fit on top of 2” x 6” and 5/4” x 6” boards.

What if my existing dock/deck is old and worn-down? Will Deck-Top still work for me?

Yes, Deck-Top can be installed on older decks and docks. There is no need to remove or reframe your existing decking as long as it is a sturdy, weight-bearing structure with no holes or broken boards. Deck-Top is NOT intended to be used as a method for covering-up holes or broken boards in your structure, so it is recommended that you replace any severely damaged or broken boards before installing Deck-Top.

Will my wooden deck retain excess moisture if I cover it with Deck-Top?

No, as long as Deck-Top is installed properly, your wooden deck or dock should not retain excess moisture because wood experiences respiration on a cellular level through capillary action. We recently uncovered a deck that had PVC installed on its surface and the wood underneath was in pristine condition after being protected for over 10 years. You can view photos of this dock on our Gallery Page. For a more in-depth explanation regarding certain scenarios, please continue reading.

Existing decks that have or have not been sealed are not considered a concern as they have been weathered and have longitudinal curing gaps, splits, and cracks allowing for moisture wick exchange. Moisture wick migration will occur at exposed surfaces and also exchange via respiration below and on the sides of the plank. Additionally, a respectable percentage of moisture wick migration from the top of the board through capillary action will exchange out the sides as well. The degree of migration is variable and is dependent on the age of the wood with older, cured lumber having the highest respiration exchange. Despite the age of the wood, this condition is really not a concern since Deck-Top’s side lip design is nominal with the moisture retention coefficient also being nominal.

In the case of replacement wood boards typically required for deck soundness and integrity, the replacement lumber is fresh and has a much higher moisture content. To assist and accelerate the capillary moisture wicking process, the lumber needs additional pathways to accelerate, cure, and prevent mold formation to the underside of the Deck-Top PVC plank. Despite pressure-treated, copper-based lumber's characteristics inhibiting deep colony impregnation of mold, 3/16" pilot holes are recommended to be pre-drilled in a grid pattern to further assure air exchange and capillary action. The higher the moisture, the more pre-drills are recommended.

Will Deck-Top warp or crack over time?

No, Deck-Top will not crack, warp, split, peel or rot.

Will Deck-Top peel over time?

No, Deck-Top will not peel, crack, warp, split, or rot over time. Deck-Top does not contain any adhesives; however, it is recommended that an all-weather based adhesive be applied when installing Deck-Top to avoid the product from lifting off the structure. When installed properly, Deck-Top will provide a long-lasting barrier against damaging UV rays, splinters, fasteners, and exposure to weather.

Is Deck-Top weather-proof? Can it handle ice, snow, etc.?

Yes, Deck-Top is weather-proof. It can handle ice, snow, sleet, and rain. Deck-Top also protects your deck against sun damage from UV-A and UV-B rays.

Is Deck-Top environmentally safe?

Deck-Top by T&C Decking Products, Inc. is a revolutionary product that eliminates the need to use any chemical-based deck maintenance applications. Many chemical-based deck maintenance products, such as paints or stains, are not long-lasting and can cause unnecessary harm to our planet over time. Our product protects the surrounding environment while also saving money and countless hours that would otherwise be needed to maintain decking throughout the life of your deck or dock.

How do I clean Deck-Top?

Deck-Top requires very little upkeep and it can be easily cleaned using water and a brush or rag. There is no need to use any chemical cleaners on its surface.

What warranty comes with this product?

Deck-Top by T&C Decking Products, Inc. offers a limited lifetime warranty on residential properties and a 25-year warranty on commercial applications.


  ** In extreme cold climate conditions, Deck-Top may temporarily contract slightly in length.