Our Products

Deck-Top's premium-quality PVC covers for decks and docks evolved from an idea of combining comfort with durability while maintaining an easy-to-install, cost effective product that is most importantly, environmentally friendly.

The elegance and simplicity behind Deck-Top's design is its greatest strength. Our solution is a single PVC piece that caps, protects, and beautifies the existing board underneath it. The result is a combination of the low-maintenance features of PVC (no refinishing, cleans easily), with the structural strength of wood and composite materials.

Our daily goal at Deck-Top is to have fun while working hard to provide our customers with a superior product that will improve and enhance their lives through the enjoyment of the outdoors. We hope you enjoy Deck-Top as much as we do!

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to improve and enhance our customer's outdoor experiences while placing family life at the center of our business. Our vision for our products is to allow families to share the experience of nature from a position of leisure, all while enjoying the benefits of our “cool-to-the-touch” technology. We believe these shared experiences can help strengthen family bonds, regardless of their geographical location.

Our Core Values

  • Strong Relationships

  • Respect for all People

  • Doing the Right Thing

  • Giving Back

  • Accountability

  • Dependability

  • Teamwork

  • Enjoy your work