Jeff McIntyre

Jeff McIntyre is a partner and developer of the revolutionary Deck-Top system. Before joining the Deck-Top team, he began his entrepreneurial endeavors as the owner of a successful home renovation firm for over 25 years. Leveraging his diverse years of experience, Jeff is confident this product will set the new standard for a stylish yet simple and cost-effective method to extend the life of an existing dock or deck.

Jeff firmly believes in the mission of Deck-Top: To put family life at the center of our business by improving and enhancing their outdoor experiences together. Best of all, the Deck-Top system can be installed by the average family or through a vetted and certified Deck-Top contractor. As part of the Deck-Top development team, Jeff has tested and proven that Deck-Top’s quality materials “stand the test of time” and the dock or deck owner will get the most out of this product’s long lifespan.

Jeff states, “The bottom line of why I find this product so rewarding and exciting is that families can spend time together enjoying their deck and the benefits of the cool surface even on the hottest of days, no matter where you live.” Working side-by-side at Deck-Top with his wife Terri of 15 years, his partners, best friends, and extended family make the development and launch of this revolutionary product a true labor of love!