Steve Byrd

Steve grew up working in the construction industry, but eventually switched paths to focus his sights on the study of Engineering. The majority of this first successful career path was spent working as an aerospace engineer for over 13 years.

In 1999, he moved to Florida and returned to his roots in the construction industry. Here he launched his highly successful home building corporation. To date, Steve’s company has designed and built over 300 homes in the Tampa Bay area. In the last 10 years, Steve has mainly focused on designing and building beautiful, custom waterfront homes along the coast.

While scouting waterfront properties, he began noticing all of the old, weathered boat docks and backyard decks requiring a constant reinvestment of time and money for up-keep and aesthetic appeal. Steve’s entrepreneurial spirit and mind-set kicked in. It was at that point he and his partner Jeff came up with the idea of “Reface, Don’t Replace” and Deck-Top was born!

Deck-Top, a new product that not only saves countless hours of work and money, but it never gets hot, has a lifetime warranty, and also protects the underlying structure for years to come!